A private message to my Social Media Marketing classes from last week in Darwin

Today’s blog post is a departure from my usual style and content and is particularly shared for the benefit of those business people in Darwin who did my workshop last week, Web2.0 for Sales and Profits.

I have been running these workshops through the Business Enterprise Centre NT and with support from the Department of Business and Employment. We always have a ball and cover much more than what’s in the lesson plan.

However, last week, two themes emerged that I felt compelled to comment on, namely:

  • Fear of applying social media tools
  • Lack of trust in having something interesting to share.

Here is my message to the participants and if you are interested in watching my message, the tool I refer to at one point is Hootsuite, particularly in relation to its ability to become a listening post for eavesdropping on public, consumer conversations relevant to your business.


By the way, this video was shot on my iPhone, transferred to my iPad where I edited it using iMovie (an app that costs about $5) and then uploaded to YouTube directly from there. It is not ‘Hollywood’ but it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.


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