A Quick Facebook Advertising How To Video

Typical Facebook Ad (this was for http://thetimelineblueprint.com/)On the weekend, I had a previous participant from one of my marketing workshops in Darwin, ask me about the ‘use existing campaign’ link in the Facebook Advertising setup screen.

It had never occurred to me that such wording could be confusing.

But now that I read it again, with the eyes of someone very new to Facebook Advertising, I can see how it might be ambiguous. For example, it might mean, use a draft campaign previously created by Facebook as a starting point for new comers, rather than just the link to previous campaigns YOU might have used earlier.

With that in mind, I thought I had better run through the main points in the Facebook Advertising screen at a very top level, to make sure I had covered any other ‘curve balls’.

What I have embedded below is an ad-libbed video tutorial which runs about 14 minutes.

If you are already familiar with Facebook Advertising it will be too basic for you, and if you are completely unfamiliar then this might be a little too bamboozling for you.

As Goldilocks would say, this one is ‘just right’ (well, I hope she would).

A walk through the Facebook Advertising screen

Here is the video. I hope it answers any questions you might have had about ‘what to click where’ when it comes to setting up a Facebook ad.


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