A random thought from Cammy

Cammy left her iPod at work

Cammy left her iPod at work

For today’s article I wanted to test the limits of serendipity.

Something that I have long marvelled at when working in this world of social media and networking blended with and based upon marketing principles, is that the more you venture forth into this space the more you are surprised by ‘coincidences’ and ‘happy accidents’.

I do not believe things that happen to us or around us are predestined or ‘meant to be’ but rather the natural outworking of all the series of decisions and accidents that have made up this thing we call existence. However, six years on, investigating and lecturing in this field, I am being swayed by the notion that the more you are proactive, the more that ‘things happen’ for you. Sounds obvious.

But if this is so obvious, we are so many people resistant to trying new things and new communication channels?

If we meet during October Business Month and you have a few hours to kill, I can talk you through the myriad of opportunities that have arisen for me and clients and others, simply because they got off their proverbial backsides and ‘had a go’.

So, in a reckless act I decided to throw caution to the wind today and let a chance path crossing on Twitter determine the content for today’s blog.

Introducing Cammy

I opened up my RITE Series Twitter account, looked at the list of comments by Top End Twits I have been following and voila, Camille Cullen was there with this proclamation:

Left my ipod at work. YOU MEAN I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE WORLD? Eugh, laaaame.

This tweet sent at 8.22pm last night, speaks to me on two levels within the context of The RITE Series.

Firstly, here is more anecdotal support for the notion that the march of Social Media into the lives of Territorians is well and truly entrenched. Cammy, whom I have never met by the way, listens to her iPod during transit and this must surely pose challenges for producers of and advertisers in mass media programming. Of course, Cammy might be listening to mass media programming that she has ‘time shifted’ to be more convenient for her but there is also a good chance she is listening to music or spoken word podcasts or audiobooks.

Secondly, if you are trying to communicate with Cammy as part of your marketing, how will you access her attention if she is tuned out of live media? One option is to make sure you have a solid ‘Google footprint’ if and when she goes searching for your product or service. This can be achieved by producing and publishing a body of work, typically using blogging software, that meets her needs by answering questions she might have about your product OR by anticipating the sorts of material she would search for as she leads into the first phase of your sales funnel. In other words, what does she experience first before realising she wants or needs your product/service?

Still on this point, it is one thing to build your presence in search, it is another thing to understand that her loss of iPod access meant she turned to Twitter for conversations instead just at a time when most business people are also packing up and turning off. Imagine if you had a tool on your smart phone or planned to be around your computer over the commuting period, to monitor for keywords relating to your business and responding to queries with helpful information.

Does that sound too difficult or fiddly or ludicrous?

Fortune favours the brave!

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