A town like Malice: Alice Springs meets Roller Derby

roller-derbyWe had some anxious moments at my October Business Month event tonight as the local Roller Derby queens from the Malice Springs League took to the stage.

I interviewed Melotov Cocktail while Armedreddon and Carnivorous waited for their chance to pounce.

Getting deep within the sport

In just a few seconds we were not able to get completely deep within the sport of Roller Derby but we were able to get a glimpse into the mind of Melotov as she took on her opponents.

On the night, she was wearing the helmet with a star emblem, marking her as the Jammer.

The Jammer is the only team member who can score points, as she explains.

It sounds like rollicking fun.

If you are in Alice Springs October 12-13, visiting Duels In The Desert sounds like loads of fun.

Here is the video we shot and edited on the spot while the audience looked on.

The image, above, is a screen shot taken from the editing process that I performed live using an app called iMovie.

[youtube id=”b2ttRvXPZBI” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]


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