A window on the social media stream

The Social Media CountEver wondered how much content is shared on social networks, second by second?

Gary Hayes, Exec Producer ABC MultiPlatform TV, has pulled together a novel calculator that gives you a feel for the torrent of content that is flowing between people online.

The counter is not a real-time meter but rather it is based on statistics picked up from various sources and added to the calculator.

As you look through the social statistics, run your eye over some of the more traditional media and marketing forms, such as email.

You will see:

  • how many emails are being sent globally
  • how many searches are being made on Google
  • how many blog posts are being published

I had to get that last one in, as a reminder to you to make sure you have blogged this week 🙂

Here are the statistics.

The Count

One word about this Count. It is built in Flash and that means you won’t be able to see this on iPhones or iPads.

Without further ado, here is some number-candy.

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