Another trip out from Alice Springs, another marketing insight

standley-chasm Photo Steve DavisOn a short trip to Simpson’s Gap and Standley Chasm today, I was struck by something relating to ‘familiarity’, and why we find it hard to know what to blog about for our own businesses and organsiations.

On the road to these wonders of nature, my ‘local’ commented upon how ‘nice’ but ‘mundane’ the bush is in the eyes of Territorians.

They weren’t being naughty or rude, simply stating the fact that when you are around the same thing for a long time, you become jaded by its wonders.

Take a visitor around your business

I’ve always found it a challenge to take tourists around my home town.

Either I am lost for ideas or I falsely believe that they will be underwhelmed.

The truth is, if local Parisians can take the Eiffel Tower for granted, so, too, can we be forgiven for taking our local wonders for granted.

But the trouble for us really begins when we assume potential customers or members will be uninterested in what we do or how we do it.

My challenge to you is to find a visitor who is the sort of person who might be a customer or member of yours, and show them around your business.

If you let them ask questions and see some of the ‘mundane’ things you do, you might find you are discovering exactly the sort of content that will be important for you to share online as part of your marketing.

Questions about WHY you do things a certain way, HOW you approach certain challenges and WHO is involved in your enterprise, generally are of interest to the rest of us, especially as we size you up to see if you are a fit for our needs, and are trustworthy.

That is what hit me on the road out from Alice Springs, but here is the video version of this stream of consciousness.

[youtube id=”80kFjGdNyds” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

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