Aqua Kids Swim School, Nhulunbuy: Making a splash on YouTube

jamie aua swim kids Photo Steve DavisHave you ever had to explain to a mum that your have video of her daughter in a bikini that you plan to show to almost a hundred business people?

Last night in Nhulunbuy I had to do just that as part of my October Business Month presentation, Lights, YouTube, Blog.

The thrust of the night was to convince local businesses and organisations that THEY have the ability to create blog content and video content in house.

Meeting Jamie

I saw Jamie and her colleagues from the Aqua Kids Swim School at the Walkabout Lodge in Nhulunbuy having lunched.

I asked them about tips for getting me over my phobias blocking me from swimming.

Jamie volunteered some ideas and then volunteered to be videoed.

This is simply one shot using my smart phone, part ‘selfie’ style.

Here it is: shot on iPhone, transferred to iPad and edited there and published to YouTube from there.

Simon says, enoy!

[youtube id=”54hysbfBxo8″ mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

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