Can we give the Top End a Plus One advantage?

The online marketing and SEO world is abuzz about Google+ again, in the wake of some changes made by Google last week.

In essence, Google is rolling out some changes to its search results that gives extra weight to content shared through its social network, Google+.

SEO Moz is a search engine research site in the US that reports on changes to search engine optimisation and this week it has released a 10 minute video on the marketing relevance of Google’s latest changes to search and what it means to your company and your future visibility in search results.

My question is this: If Top End businesses spend time playing with Google+ and at the very least make the effort to share links to new web content through the service, could we give the Top End an advantage in search, particularly for those products and services in which we are competing against the states and the world?

I will unpack that a little more over the coming months.

If you want to take a peek at Google+, I have launched The RITE Series Google+ page today so we can see what organic goodness can be cultivated there. I hope you join me.


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