The final series of free Darwin Digital Enterprise workshops is upon us

Many people who wander about proclaiming ‘end times’ eventually end up having to move the date further into the future, time and time again. However, if you are in business or involved in an organisation in Darwin, the end is more than nigh, it is right upon us for accessing a full day of showcasing […]

A Top End take on Australia’s ecommerce credentials: We need to get social

Somewhere in these statistics, there is an opportunity. More than half of all Australians are ‘digital buyers’ but online retail is only accounting for 6 percent of all retail sales including bricks and mortar sales. Over on the Darwin Digital website, I’ve taken a look at a report from The Conversation, Australian retailers online: late to the […]

Teach a man to shoot: My first shooting lesson at Arnhem Gun Club Nhulunbuy

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life. That age old saying was echoing in my head as I experienced my first ever shooting lesson with Sam Walker from the Arnhem Gun Club, pictured left. In the city, most of us immediately […]

Another trip out from Alice Springs, another marketing insight

On a short trip to Simpson’s Gap and Standley Chasm today, I was struck by something relating to ‘familiarity’, and why we find it hard to know what to blog about for our own businesses and organsiations. On the road to these wonders of nature, my ‘local’ commented upon how ‘nice’ but ‘mundane’ the bush […]

Alice Springs has texture: Capture it on video

One thing that has struck me whenever I visit Alice Springs is that there is texture everywhere. From the Todd River bed to the rich, red dust of the desert, the vibrant rock faces to the local art; there is texture everywhere. So it makes sense that when you do whip out your smart phone […]

Warning: Succeed at social media and Top End living might become claustrophobic

It’s Darwin Festival time and a perfect time to reflect on using social media as a marketing tool for your business or organisation in the Top End. For me, the greatest lesson offered by the Festival comes from watching the performers, not just on stage, but when you see them in the street. Take notice […]

Darwin has used Google to put itself on the map: Watch out New York!

Google has announced that Darwin is one of Australia’s most web savvy towns, by shortlisting it in the second eTown awards. Judges from Google firstly looked at town centres around the country with above average use of Google AdWords advertising. From there, the team analysed areas where businesses were using websites and other online tools […]

Northern Territory Indigenous Tours is a logical choice: It’s elementary, dear Watson

I had a weird moment sitting with Tess Atie from NT Indigenous Tours in Darwin last week. As she started talking about some of the experiences she gives her clients on tours in outback Australia, my jaw dropped because what she shared was exactly in line with what I was planning to blog about on […]

Google founder brings us back to basics

Have you ever stumbled across something that was not new and unique but still broke through and got you inspired? I had that experience in the past week when I stumbled across an interview with Google co-founder, Larry Page, on Wired. The main thing that caught my attention was the passionate response he made when […]

Is there a Northern Territory tribe?

Is there a Northern Territory tribe?