2014 Brolga Awards: The best little Bed and Breakfast in Darwin

The Northern Territory is hot. And I’m not referring to the upcoming stickiness of the Wet Season, I’m talking about the growing numbers of ‘switched on’ tourist operators who are making a journey to the Northern Territory memorable and dripping with ‘wow factor’. Last weekend’s Brolga Awards were the 28th anniversary of the night at […]

The final series of free Darwin Digital Enterprise workshops is upon us

Many people who wander about proclaiming ‘end times’ eventually end up having to move the date further into the future, time and time again. However, if you are in business or involved in an organisation in Darwin, the end is more than nigh, it is right upon us for accessing a full day of showcasing […]

A Top End take on Australia’s ecommerce credentials: We need to get social

Somewhere in these statistics, there is an opportunity. More than half of all Australians are ‘digital buyers’ but online retail is only accounting for 6 percent of all retail sales including bricks and mortar sales. Over on the Darwin Digital website, I’ve taken a look at a report from The Conversation, Australian retailers online: late to the […]

The skin deep project: Learning to love your body from the Top End to your toes

Put your hand up if you don’t enjoy using fitting rooms when clothes shopping? Darwin-based designer and clothing retailer, Jo from Viva La Body, says it saddens her seeing women and girls emerging from fitting rooms upset, disappointed and embarrassed by their body shape. Jo was speaking Saturday morning in Darwin at the Skin Deep […]

Northern Territory businesses are at the PINnacle of innovation

Yes, a pun about pins. This week’s post came about after an intense training day in Darwin last week, in which a dozen local business people took part in the Darwin Digital Enterprise Program. Amid the thinking about and exploration of various new online tools, Pinterest grabbed the group’s imagination. As you will see in […]

Blogging can reduce isolation, says Robbo the remote pharmacist

Blogging as a business marketing tool is often used to create content that cuts through the clutter of competitors and distractions. But what about as a tool to bridge the gap between an isolated community or business and far flung readers or customers? Enter Robbo. Robbo is a pharmacist living and working in a remote […]

Facebook fallout: Your responsibility for users’ comments on Facebook Pages

Some rulings around advertising standards and inappropriate comments on Facebook Pages made the news last week and has the social media world all atwitter. In essence, the Advertising Standards Board, a body that ‘polices’ Australian advertising guidelines for those advertisers who are members of the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA), has declared that comments […]

When Facebook gets nasty, act like a human

A Top End publican asked me for some advice this week on how to deal with negative or uncomfortable feedback on their Facebook page and I thought it might be good to share my thoughts publicly. The most important thing is to remember that online marketing and being active in social networking sites is still […]

Beer inspires great blogging

I probably drink less beer than anyone in the Northern Territory. For the last decade or so I would have had about three beers a year: Adelaide Oval test match Boxing Day test match AFL Grand Final But this might be changing. Recently I spent the afternoon with two brewers and they took me through […]

A window on the social media stream

Ever wondered how much content is shared on social networks, second by second? Gary Hayes, Exec Producer ABC MultiPlatform TV, has pulled together a novel calculator that gives you a feel for the torrent of content that is flowing between people online. The counter is not a real-time meter but rather it is based on […]