2014 Brolga Awards: The best little Bed and Breakfast in Darwin

The Northern Territory is hot. And I’m not referring to the upcoming stickiness of the Wet Season, I’m talking about the growing numbers of ‘switched on’ tourist operators who are making a journey to the Northern Territory memorable and dripping with ‘wow factor’. Last weekend’s Brolga Awards were the 28th anniversary of the night at […]

The skin deep project: Learning to love your body from the Top End to your toes

Put your hand up if you don’t enjoy using fitting rooms when clothes shopping? Darwin-based designer and clothing retailer, Jo from Viva La Body, says it saddens her seeing women and girls emerging from fitting rooms upset, disappointed and embarrassed by their body shape. Jo was speaking Saturday morning in Darwin at the Skin Deep […]

Help each other stay safe online

The internet is a profound human invention. It is also a portal to the dark side of human nature. This was brought home to me with a contact of mine from the Top End had his email address hacked last week. As a result, I got a fake sob story from ‘him’ about being stranded […]

Northern Territory Indigenous Tours is a logical choice: It’s elementary, dear Watson

I had a weird moment sitting with Tess Atie from NT Indigenous Tours in Darwin last week. As she started talking about some of the experiences she gives her clients on tours in outback Australia, my jaw dropped because what she shared was exactly in line with what I was planning to blog about on […]

Google founder brings us back to basics

Have you ever stumbled across something that was not new and unique but still broke through and got you inspired? I had that experience in the past week when I stumbled across an interview with Google co-founder, Larry Page, on Wired. The main thing that caught my attention was the passionate response he made when […]

Is there a Northern Territory tribe?

Is there a Northern Territory tribe?

Something’s coming in the wires tonight: The Darwin high-speed broadband rollout

To kick off the RITE series blogs for 2013, I am sharing a link to a post on the Darwin Digital Enterprise Program website. It is a quick update on the local high-speed broadband rollout. It also contains information about the free workshop and mentoring series which resumes next month in Darwin. Take a look […]

Blogging can reduce isolation, says Robbo the remote pharmacist

Blogging as a business marketing tool is often used to create content that cuts through the clutter of competitors and distractions. But what about as a tool to bridge the gap between an isolated community or business and far flung readers or customers? Enter Robbo. Robbo is a pharmacist living and working in a remote […]

Don’t mention Cyclone Tracy – or do? A marketing question for Top End businesses

How close to the surface of your memory is Cyclone Tracy? I’m asking this because a friend of mine, a researcher, is staying in Darwin at the moment and asked this question on Facebook: Where is Cyclone Tracy in Darwin’s psyche? In all my years of working in the Northern Territory, I have never asked […]

Darwin Cup promotional opportunities are off and racing

Is the Darwin Cup important to your business? If so, what marketing foundations have you laid and what social media content have you started rolling out? I met with a local retailer from Darwin last week and was told that they were a bit of a ‘go to’ provider for Cup fashion. But here’s the […]