Could Facebook be the new Town Square in your Top End town?

Body Love Tennant Creek - inspiring (Image: Body Love Facebook Page)

Body Love Tennant Creek - inspiring (Image: Body Love Facebook Page)

Some of our focus in using Social Media and Networking sites to market our businesses is on connecting with and being found by potential customers from ‘other’ places.

But sometimes, even in small Territory towns, you could be living next to people who could be valuable to your business as customers, referrers or influencers without knowing it.

Have you done a search on your hometown name or suburb in Facebook lately to see who’s who and what’s what?

I’ve picked a few towns for  you and this is what I found.

NOTE: Clicking on some of the links below will require you to log in to Facebook but most will not.

ANOTHER NOTE: The message in today’s picture should give hope to those whose Facebook Pages or Groups are still fledgling.

Tennant Creek

If you call Tennant Creek home OR you do business in Tennant Creek, take a look at this list of local Facebook Groups and Pages to see if something ‘talks’ to you as being worth joining.

  • Tennant Creek, Northern Territory > Places Index: This lists all the various ‘Places’ around Tennant Creek that have entries on Facebook which users can click on to show they have visited. Places include, Tennant Creek Caravan Park 40 check-ins,  Eldorado Motor Inn 85 check-ins,  Bluestone Motel 69 check-ins,  Memories Restaurant 16 check-ins, Safari Lodge Motel 19 check-ins, and  Fernanda’s Restaurant, 18 check-ins
  • Body Love Tennant Creek: A Facebook Page run by a local Personal Trainer. Even if you aren’t local, there are some interesting thoughts shared on the page to help you take stock of your life and challenge habits that are keeping you fat or unhealthy. Even if you don’t hire the trainer, join the community and swap ideas and inspiration. If you are a local cafe/restaurant, ask what menu items would be good for you to include on your menu in return from a tick of approval from Body Love.
  • Tennant Creek PreSchool Fete (event): This now-ended Event listing was excellent. Locals were able to share what they were planning to donate and find out who was/wasn’t going. In the end, Nikki Pomare said, ‘Well Done Preschool Mom’s Im sooo proud of all of you!! best one yet Congradulationzz!!! very very very successful.’ – I imagine, with the term ‘mom’ and other spelling and grammar, Nikki is American 😉
  • Tennant Creek is a boring town I ever live in: Not quite matching what I set out to find but good to see one local, Shalee Bassinyaface James, has come to the town’s defence.


This area was quite active on Social Networking sites when I was there delivering a keynote for October Business Month 2010 and it seems nothing has changed.

  • You know you live in Gove when …: This Page is very active, in particular the Discussions tab – a place often neglected by Facebook Page owners. Some gems of topics in the discussions area include, Anyone live in Gove from 1970 – 1972? (Latest post by Trish McNamaraon), Your Old Addresses in Gove… (Latest post by Allen Knighton), In memory of those Goveites who have passed before us (Latest post by Brendan Mccombeabout), Celeberities who have came to Gove (Latest post by Sue-Ellen Tawheraabout), Gove Softball Association (Latest post by Melanie Herdmanabout), and my favourite, Where did you dare to swim? (Latest post by Ben Zieglerabou)
  • Gove Aquatic Centre: This seems to be an active Page too with plenty of questions about classes and prices and getting access to the pool key. Why don’t you chip in and see who wants to join you for a lap session?

Ti Tree

This little town has a modest following on Facebook.

  • Ti Tree Northern Territory: The official Places entry for visitors to check in. Seven have so far.
  • Ti Tree Truck Bay: Not exactly what I was looking for. One check in thus far – must have been a lonely stop that night!
  • I survived Ti Tree Northern Territory: This Facebook Group is open to all, particularly those who have lived (or are living) in Ti Tree. Entries include such classics as, ‘i just love the fact that while i lived out there my physical address was- take the turn off there there is a sign saying grape farm and just keep going for awhile :)’ by Miranda Allitt, ‘I left Ti Tree for 10 months and it was like a magnet it drew me back in it’s a great community!’ by Michelle Johnson, and Debbie Watts’ ripper of an entry, which just shows how friendly the place is, ‘Well i was only meant to be in Ti tree for 3 weeks……….6 years on i shacked up with my boss and are about to have baby number 3 we aren’t just surviving it we are populating it…LOL.’

So, if you are in a remote town or small suburb, remember to explore the power of being hyper-local for when you want to connect with others. As with all elements of Social Networking, the serendipity will surprise you.

If you have created a local Page, Group or Event in the Northern Territory, please share a link in the comments below, along with a reason why others should consider joining.



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