Top End Tuesday: Darwin chiropractors show how to crank out the blogs without pain

Darwin Chiropractors use Social Media to market their business

Darwin Chiropractors, Dr Jacob Brady & Dr Leandra Walker

I met Dr Leandra Walker and Dr Jacob Brady at one of the Get Online NT workshops run through the Business Enterprise Centre earlier this year.

They had just started their chiropractic practise, The Chiropractic Place, and had very little by way of marketing presence in this town.

What they did have though was passion and and unbridled make-or-break (probably not the best term to use) attitude towards their venture.

Today, just six months later, they have been able to cut loose from their part time jobs and are now running a very promising practise cultivating a ‘fan base’ of clients who are enjoying their client-centred approach and their zest for living.

How did they do this? It would be glib to just answer that it all came down to WordPress (for running their website) and Blogging (for producing their online marketing content) because those elements are just tools, albeit very good tools.

What I can say though, is that this dynamic duo has produced an almost textbook example of how you can apply sound marketing theory to this new online world and make an impact for little dollar spend.

But let’s hear their side of the story.

A consultation with the chiropractors

Today’s post is based on some questions and answers with Dr Leandra Walker for her insights into low cost, effective, online marketing aka Social Media/Networking.

Q: We chose WordPress as your content management system for running your website, how is that working out?

A: WordPress is a breeze to use, took me a while to figure it out, but after playing with some set ups and plug-ins, it seems ok now.

Q: The core plank of your online marketing has been regular production and publication of blog content (because Google loves blog content and people love focussed articles that answer their questions). How have you managed?

A: The blogging thing can be a bit of a pain in the proverbial, but I think that if you are organised, you can set aside about an hour each week to put together a few posts and schedule them. I usually can get about 3 or 4 done in around an hour, which is a week’s worth of things for the blog (I post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Getting ideas is something I thought would be an issue, but posts don’t have to be long, sometimes it’s just a repost of a YouTube video or a picture or quote I liked or found interesting or inspirational.

I also have a list of frequently asked questions on one page that link to individual blog posts on the topics. Patients (and prospective patients) love this, they know where to go when they have a question. It makes them feel secure that I know what I am talking about and that they don’t have to bother calling and asking me over the phone, saving time and embarrassment on their part.

Q: Apart from helping you expand your ‘Google footprint’, how else has blogging helped your business?

A: What I have found great about blogging is that people can get to know me (and the clinic) by reading. They feel more comfortable with me, they know that I am a real person and that I really do walk the walk in regards to health and the advice that I give them.

People love the recipes, and the little anecdotes and insights I have into current health issues and ideas.

Plus I review products that I like and use myself and get to talk about the latest in Chiropractic research, which (hopefully) educates people on what we do and how we can help and slowly change the option that we are “just back crackers”.

Q: What would you say to other owners of small businesses in relation to blogging and social media?

A: For a small amount of time and no money blogging is a terrific tool to help get the types of people you want in your business. Chances are if they don’t like what you are saying on your blog, they won’t like you so they won’t call you and waste your time and their money.

And facebook has been amazing for pushing the blog and its posts, I have a theme for each day, and if a blog post matches I push it on facebook, which works brilliantly. People actually comment now!

I have yet to start a discussion, but it will come, it was only a few months ago when it felt like I was talking to no one, but stick with it and they will come.

We have gotten a lot of great feedback on the website, people really like it. And the people who come in because of the website are exactly the types of people we were hoping to attract.

Some final thoughts

WordPress gave The Chiropractic Place a low cost, flexible and Google-friendly tool for building their website in.

Blogging gave The Chiropractic Place centre stage for local web searches.

Facebook and Twitter have helped amplify messaging by spreading links to blog content to different audiences directly and via Google.

The domain name chosen for the business is not the direct business name but rather the strong combination of what they do and where they are – a potent mix for local online marketing.

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