Darwin Cup 2012 alert: Falling down is dangerous for equestrians and race goers


These heels will turn heads and twist ankles (Image by leyla.a via Flickr)

Australia’s Olympic equestrians have been suffering bruising falls at the London Olympics due to damp, marshy conditions on the course.

As we approach the 2012 Darwin Cup, our fears are not so much for horses but for race goers wearing high heel shoes.

Darwin Physio, Nick Jones, has written an important blog about the issue, entitled: Darwin Cup – Fashion and Pain.

I met Nick through the Online Marketing workshops run at the Business Enterprise Centre NT in Winnellie last year and wanted to showcase his writing for three reasons:

  • He has written an article that clearly links a need among his target market with a service he offers
  • He has published the article in a timely way (just a few weeks before the Darwin Cup)
  • He has asked for help in promoting his work via social media

On those first two points, Nick has thought through a public event and found some links between it and his business. Namely, everybody dresses up in high fashion, risking injury in the name of glam!

He has promoted his guide a few weeks out from the event, as suggested by an article here on the RITE Series earlier this year:

By writing something ‘event specific’ he also gets to piggy back on the search engine value of the term ‘Darwin Cup’, making it easier and more likely for Google to share a link to his article as people search ‘Darwin Cup’ on Google.

Thirdly, I received a tweet from Nick last week, along with the NT News and twitter account, Top End Tweets, asking us to retweet the link to his article, which I certainly did. Here is that tweet:

@NTNews @topendtweets @theriteseries please RT: Fashion can come at a high price this #darwincup #saveyourfeet http://ow.ly/cwTVj

Now it’s over to you, please share links below to articles you have written that tie Top End events to your business’ products or services.

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