Darwin Cup promotional opportunities are off and racing

Haley Roddy, named as Darwin Cup ambassador (Photo: George Fragopoulous)

Haley Roddy, named as Darwin Cup ambassador (Photo: George Fragopoulous)

Is the Darwin Cup important to your business?

If so, what marketing foundations have you laid and what social media content have you started rolling out?

I met with a local retailer from Darwin last week and was told that they were a bit of a ‘go to’ provider for Cup fashion.

But here’s the challenge.

This particular retailer has not been using any online tools at all (usual story – been ripped off too many times and now is very suspicious), apart from Facebook, and is vulnerable to any competitor who is prepared to crack the whip and gee up their social media marketing efforts.

While there are no obstacles to jump in the Darwin Cup, there are obstacles in taking the blinkers off retailers who have always done things a certain way and who feel a little trapped into routines and habits.

Of course, some habits can be good, like adopting the habit of creating some fresh, helpful, imaginative content every week that can connect you and your business to your customers and prospective customers.

Here are some ideas for making your Darwin Cup season a sure bet this year.

Think through your customer’s processes

I’ll take this challenge from the perspective of a fashion retailer and hopefully you can draw some parallels with your world and your customers.

We just had the first few brushes of Darwin Cup coverage in the NT News.

The first was February 29, when Haley Roddy was named as the new Darwin Cup ambassador. More on her in a moment.

And most recently, there was coverage of the Fashion Assistant competition, to find someone to work with stylist, Jo Ferguson, and fashion designer, Kevin de Beer from KevinKishore Label, to nominate women for the Best Dressed Competition at the Bridge Toyota Ladies Day Luncheon.

The countdown clock on the Darwin Turf Club website shows just 69 days until race day, as of May 29, 2012.

So where do you start?

Start by absorbing any coverage of the Cup in the NT News, across broadcast media, in Darwin Life, and through some Google Alerts (I told you how to set them up last year).

If I take just the Haley Roddy article from February, there are still some valuable ideas and hooks just waiting for you to develop, for example, Haley’s hopes and thoughts for the 2012 Darwin Cup from a fashion perspective include:

  • a continuation of the old-world charm and glamour … with lots of elegance (accommodation providers, do you have a venue that matches this old world charm?; retailers, are your fashions skewed this way?)
  • a focus on headwear and hairstyles, none of the ‘roll-out-of-bed-hair’ but beautiful structured styles (hairdressers, please go to town with these comments)
  • gemstone colours will be popular (another one for designers and clothes retailers, but what about jewellery designers in town – I know many of you – what can you do with this ‘nugget’ of insight?)
  • monochromatic colour schemes [are] a really safe but effective way to pull an outfit together (retail assistants learn from this and craft some ‘how to’ guides ‘laced’ with keywords to help ladies AND guys dress well)
  • ladies need to remember that in whatever outfit they choose they should always act like a lady (publicans, life/business coaches, everyone – this is a truthful but possibly provocative line, what will you do with it?)
  • the biggest fashion mistakes that racegoers make is showing too much skin and not wearing a hat or fascinator (are you a stockist of fascinators? Draw on this and create your guides to choosing one, guides to pairing them with fashions, etc)

All those ideas from just one little article. Please share links in the comments, below, if and when you put some of your blog articles and online commentary online. Remember, these angles can also help you tease out interesting banter (not, canter) when face to face.

Under starter’s orders …

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