Darwin has used Google to put itself on the map: Watch out New York!

Darwin Darwin eTownGoogle has announced that Darwin is one of Australia’s most web savvy towns, by shortlisting it in the second eTown awards.

Judges from Google firstly looked at town centres around the country with above average use of Google AdWords advertising.

From there, the team analysed areas where businesses were using websites and other online tools more intensively than others.

As a result, Annie Baxter from Google Australia and New Zealand has told IT Wire that towns like Darwin have been forced to find ways to survive and that has resulted in a healthy business environment.

“Small businesses that use digital are twice as likely to grow revenue, twice as much revenue per employee, and they’re four times as likely to be hiring more staff,” she said.

Other eTown winners this year are, Cockburn, WA, Holdfast Bay, SA, Launceston, Tas, North Sydney, NSW, Port Phillip, Vic, South Canberra, ACT, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Entrepreneurial, can-do spirit is rife in the Top End

As someone who has been involved in the October Business Month for four years and the running of online marketing workshops through the Business Enterprise Centre and Department of Business for longer than that, I’ve always noticed a strong ‘give it a go’ attitude among small to medium business owners in the Northern Territory.

Through this work and through The RITE Series, I’ve watched people with passion plan an enterprise and then apply themselves to see it through.

The ones who have succeeded have indeed been the ones who had been willing to go the extra mile, push through the fear of using new tools like blogging, social networks and video, and got themselves noticed.

None of these tools are the single, magic bullet, but as more and more people use their smart phones, tablets and computers to ‘quickly’ scan for information, sales and answers, those businesses who are methodically crafting and sharing content online are going to be in the best place to be found and win sales.

This year, I’ll be taking my keynote and roadshow, Lights, Camera, Blog, to Alice Springs and Nhulunbuy and am looking forward to motivating more solo operators, small businesses and organisations to ‘play around’ with these tools and try something different.

Darwin is the new New York

To celebrate the status of Northern Territory eTown, I’ve borrowed from Frank Sinatra’s song book to craft OUR version of New York New York, known as Darwin Darwin.

Come on, sing along, you know you want to:

Start spreading the news
I am leaving today
I want to click my way to it
Darwin, Darwin 

These Aussie made shoes
They’re not from eBay
They’re from the Top End part of it
Darwin, Darwin 

I can shop my way through that city
When I cannot sleep
Or find the hard to find wheel
For my old jeep 

Hear this NT News
As croc stories stray
New blogs will make a go of it
Darwin, Darwin 

If we can tweet it there
We’ll tweet it anywhere
This new world’s for you
Darwin, Darwin

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