Dear Google, Alice Springs is more than escorts, rape and eyesight

Alice Springs Storm Image Stephen Michael Barnett via FlickrWhat a mixed collection of suggested links Google compiled for me today while researching Alice Springs ahead of my keynote talk and free workshops next week for October Business Month.

It was almost like there was a thick dust storm of content choking out the usual array of tourism stories and NT Chamber of Commerce material.

In just the page one screen on Google, I saw stories about:

All I can say is lucky I know the Alice and know people who live in the community with passion so that I can put those reports into context and understand that there is much more to the red centre than these few links.

But before I hear people say there is nothing we can do about the Google results, I’d like to argue that there is: blogging.

Google loves blog content

Whether you are presenting your community to the world or your organisation’s products, services or memberships, you are always prey to competitors being in a better position in Google.

But you are not helpless in trying to balance the record.

If you produce interesting, keyword-rich content through a blogging mechanism, you can slowly but surely start swamping search results.

In fact, if you couple that content with some video, traditional web content, and social media content, you can lay the foundation for a strong Google presence.

I’ve also noted that some local entities are already involved in helping Google to help themselves by using WordPress as their website platform, eg:

I’m not saying these entities are fully exploiting the blogging bounty that WordPress makes available to them, but the potential is there. Watch out if you are a competitor!

The trick is thinking about what people might search for (people you are interested in connecting with) and working out ways to systematically create content that will be so valuable when people find it that they share it in their social networks, forward the links to colleagues or even add links to your content on their own websites.

You’ll need to roll your sleeves up but blogging will reward you

In my workshops and keynote, I want to share with you:

  • what the well-established but little-understood practice of blogging involves
  • how to get ideas
  • how to create a system that makes it possible to squeeze this vital marketing discipline into your already busy week

The opportunities presented by blogging (and video production with your smart phone, which I will also be discussing and demonstrating) are as vast as the desert around Alice Springs, and brimming with as much life and vitality as you find after the first rains following a drought!

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