Does the weather affect your social media habits?

Weather, mood and Twitter (Photo: Rob & Jules via Flickr)I have been trying to write a short article for The RITE Series for some time now and today might be the day.

After a week of meetings, training and tweeting in Darwin last week, i flew back to Adelaide yesterday expecting a return to dreary, chilly, winter weather (and I mean really chilly, around 13 degrees, not what passes for chilly in the Top End which is more like 23).

However, it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day (and I mean nicely warm, around 23 degrees, not what passes for warm in the Top End which is more like 33).

What struck me was how many tweets I sent yesterday, it was well above my recent average.

Yes, I was out and about, yes I was spending time with my family, but my smart phone was right there too and I was able to have some enjoyable and informative exchanges with friends and acquaintances throughout the day.

It occurred to me that I should see if my gut feel mat he’d reality and sure enough, I looked back over my tweet activity history and indeed I do tweet more in warmer seasons and while in the Top End.

My question to you is: Do you tweet more during the Wet or Dry? Or do other factors affect your output?

Although this might seem like a trivial topic, I believe it is worthy of further investigation for it’s potential impact on consumer behaviour in the Northern Territory, especially in the very Top End where the climate is consistently warm year-round.

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