Drop everything and write a blinkin’ blog post NOW

Write a blog NOW (Image by thisreidwrites via Flickr)Please share your important ideas with the marketplace now.

This is the conclusion I have drawn from a series of blogs this week by Darwin change agent, Bronwyn Clee, on her Inspiring Change blog.

In particular, the article that caught my attention and prompted my opening plea to you, dear reader. was one entitled, Was Jesus a guerilla marketer?

In short, the piece was a reflection on my October Business Month keynote presentation from last year, in which I shared the concept of the Two Commandments of Social Media Marketing.

To think that some thoughts shared in October could resonate through the holiday season and bubble up again into a new series of blogs in March is an important insight into the workings of social media marketing and, in particular, content creation.

Here’s what I would like you to do with this information.

Remember that it all counts

When you write or share content that really helps or touches your target market or customers, they will remember it and you.

I am coaching a new business owner at the moment who wants instant results from social media and one of the important things I am working through with him is that you must view social media marketing like networking at a live event. You might or might not hit it off with some potential customers on the first meeting, or second, but if they are not in the purchase cycle at the moment there is not much you can do about it.

But, at the same time, you must not underestimate what you HAVE done about it by showing up, answering questions and laying foundations for future relationships. You have primed them to have you ‘top of mind’ when the purchase occasion arrives.

There is no doubt about it, face to face networking and selling is the most powerful tool in the box BUT the most time consuming and expensive. Hence, the next time you start grumbling about writing a blog or engaging in a little social media conversation, remember that you are squeezing an amazing amount of efficiency out of your time.

What is the latest blog post you’ve written for your business? Please post the link below with the date it was published and the date we can expect the next post. Just to show off err make a point, I will add a couple from two of my other blogs.

So this is an offer to have a link to your NT-based business website. My hope is it will either remind you to write something now or provide you with the public encouragement of sparking new life through your generous and passionate connection with the marketplace through the focus of your calling.

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