Flocking is NOT the new planking

birds-fogg-damI heard a radio announcer open his show recently with the news that he was going to talk about ‘flocking’.

Are you familiar with flocking, he asked.

Instantly I assumed it must be a new craze being fueled by the internet, similar to planking.

However, I was wrong.

My world of marketing and exploring how social media can be vital in helping small business thrive, had skewed my thinking.

As it turns out, the announcer was actually going to talk about birds (real ones, not the Twitter icon) and their habit of flocking.

What’s your filter?

It occurs to me that we all have our biases and our area of expertise through which we view the world.

I imagine that if Heather Boulden from Eden at Fogg Dam heard that radio show, she would have immediately assumed the correct answer because her bed and breakfast is at the very heart of bird watching in the Northern Territory.

Likewise, if George Fragopoulous was listening, a prominent Darwin-based photographer, he would have heard ‘flocking’ in terms of making camera equipment less reflective, etc.

The list could go on.

My point is that we all need to be aware of our filters because it can lead us to observe the world in a particular way and miss some insights. But it can also mean that when we write content for our marketing, we might be using wording that is very particular to our profession but draws a blank with our audience.

And, of course, the people we are trying to connect with – our target markets – all have their own filters.

What are your filters?

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