Glenn McGrath and Steve Davis – it’s not cricket, it’s business for NT October Business Month

The other Steve Davis as cricket umpire

The ‘other’ Steve Davis as cricket umpire in a fantasy photo shoot.

Is it true that all time Australian bowling great, Glenn McGrath, and cricket umpiring legend, Steve Davis, will both be speakers at the Northern Territory October Business Month in 2012?

Well, it’s half true.

Glenn McGrath will definitely be a keynote speaker and no doubt be sharing stories from his cricketing days and his experience running the McGrath Foundation.

However, the other speaker will not be the famous cricket umpire but rather the ‘other’ Steve Davis, me, the marketing guy.

Today’s post is a brief one in the lead up to the September series of articles on this site that will be focusing attention on my Keynote address, Wednesday, October 17, 2012, and the OBM workshops I will be holding the next day, Thursday, October 18, 2012. Both events will be at the Darwin Entertainment Centre.

The topic this year: Lights. Camera, Blog.

I will be showcasing great examples of blog writing and video making done ‘in house’ by small businesses and organisations, to round off my previous two OBM keynotes on the future of marketing and the two commandments of social media marketing.

This year the focus will not only be on ‘why produce interesting text and video content’ but HOW to produce it ‘in house’ without going insane.

Details on all the speakers can be found on the October Business Month website.

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