Google founder brings us back to basics

Have you ever stumbled across something that was not new and unique but still broke through and got you inspired?

OutrageousI had that experience in the past week when I stumbled across an interview with Google co-founder, Larry Page, on Wired.

The main thing that caught my attention was the passionate response he made when it was suggested that Google was a little foolish trying to compete in the social networking sector where Facebook is such a giant.

He thought the suggestion was outrageous, yes, outrageous!

And so he should.

Too often I see or meet with small to medium business owners who are dispirited that there efforts chipping away in a market dominated by more entrenched competitors seem to be failing.

In part, their measurements or expectations are overly optimistic, but usually it is because they are trying to compete on the same terms instead of moving the goal posts and offering a different twist to their market.

Have a read and see what you think: How ‘outrageously’ confident are you about your business’ place in the market?

It even includes a reference to Darwin-based academic, Dr Iain Waller.

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