Humpty Doo Clip Clop Club

Humpty Doo Clip Clop ClubJust a quick entry today.

In doing some Social Mention research on Northern Territory discussions, I stumbled across a new Facebook page called the Humpty Doo Clip Clop Club.

The group describes itself as, “a community for horse loving hack riders around Humpty Doo and the rural sector and beyond. Get together for rides, share trails leads, swap tack, meet new people with the like minded love of equines in the Top End and share your horsey news.  If you are planning a ride or you want to be worded up on rides organised through the Clip Clop Club then just post the details.”

I found it because a Facebook user in Darwin, Petra Marquis, shared a link to the page in the social network.

This piqued my interest for The RITE Series on two fronts:

  1. It is a page created by a small community group with five members plus me at the moment
  2. It is going to use the Channel Ten Community Board to promote group membership in the second half of August 2011

It is this combination of online social network with traditional media outlet promotion that is worth noting. Will the group have more members after exposure through a mass media outlet?

Of course, the group won’t have mass appeal but what I’d like to see is how using a Social Network tool like a Facebook Page combined with mass media can get the message out to potential members beyond the scope of people connected directly to the group founders.

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