Keynote speech compromised through industrial theft


Who is this man who filmed himself filming the Steve Davis October Business Month keynote notes?

Does the video below capture a brazen act of industrial espionage and intellectual property theft?

Can you identify the man in the photo, right?

Here is what I know.

Earlier this week, after being out at a workshop, I grabbed a sheet of paper to scribble down my flow of thoughts for my October Business Month keynote speech, being delivered next Wednesday night, (October 17, 2012).

It appears that I was seen placing that in my suit coat pocket before leaving.

As it happens, my suit jacket usually sits on a hanger in my car and did so throughout the week, with my keynote plan inside.

Today it was brought to my attention that the contents of the note have been compromised.

Thanks to a team of investigators, some video has  been intercepted on YouTube which appears to be footage made by the intruder(s) themselves.

The investigation team has since edited the footage down to a few minutes, below, to share publicly so we can help identify those responsible.

Do you know who is in the video?

Piecing it together

It looks and sounds like they were hiding in my garage, waited for me to head upstairs and then filmed the contents of my speech plan before returning it to my pocket so as not to raise alarm.

It might have been investigative journalists, competitors, fellow OBM speakers, or some other party behind this act.

Any light you can shed on the matter would be gratefully accepted via

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Thank you and I hope to see you at the Darwin Entertainment Centre where we can bring this saga to a close.

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