Marketing lessons from the men’s toilet

The Mens Toilet and its Marketing LessonI went to the toilet yesterday.

Nothing unusual about it really.

I do lots of things every day, like eat, drive, google things, talk to people, etc.

In fact, a lot of my life is on autopilot for some of these tasks – I don’t waste too many brain cycles contemplating how to eat my cereal.

But as I approached the toilet in the office today, something grabbed my attention and gave me a little aha moment regarding marketing tools.

Change can be better than a discount

Over the past week, painters had been in our office complex, going through offices and the toilets, repainting and sprucing things up.

As I had been on the road a bit, today was my first day at the office, post paint job.

I was just a step away from entering the gents when my brain kicked into gear and literally stopped me in my tracks.

The toilets looked completely different and stole my attention for a few seconds.

My point is that sometimes, introducing a new element or changing the colour/position/order/style of content on your website (or in store for that matter) can make everything new again, at least for a few seconds.

And online, a few seconds can mean the difference between a visitor staying and considering a purchase or leaving to another site.

I suppose, to be fair, this insight of itself is not earth-shatteringly new. What gave me the ‘aha’ moment was that something as mundane as a toilet with a new lick of paint could grab my attention despite the fact that I had visited it hundreds of times before.

So what ‘lick of paint’ (new design, new wording, new way of packaging your products/services) could you apply to your marketing communication to increase the likelihood that visitors will ‘spend a penny’ with your business?

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