Must be the DRY season: In come the Social Media types

Stretch a little and you can be blogging today says Steve Davis, marketing consultant, Adelaide

Stretch a little - you have the power to start blogging now

There are a few things you can bank on in the Top End during Dry Season: tourists arrive and southern consultants arrive.

It has been pointed out to me that the Northern Territory is currently being subjected to a plague of Social Media and Web2.0 roadshows, zipping in, siddling up to organisations with some swish all-signing, all-dancing show, and preparing to flog product, err, promote the use of Social Media.

Yes, I am a southerner. Yes, I like to think my marketing workshops include a little singing and dancing. But one thing that worries me about exposing business people to smooth-talking social media types is that they can be swayed by emotion to run off and invest in automated ‘social’ tools OR to head off on a mission to collect online badges and ‘likes’ to be ‘cool’.

If there is any message I am keen to get across people feeling tempted to dip their toes into this ‘social media thing’ is to firstly REMEMBER YOUR MARKETING.

One of the things that I believe a sensible social media practitioner should do is pay attention to the crucial, marketing fundamentals like target markets, consumer profiles, key messages and competitor analysis. Only then are we ready to truly invest time in social media marketing EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY.

As I mentioned during last year’s October Business Month keynote on the Two Commandments of Social Media Marketing, what needs to precede social media exploration is also the correct mindset. Without it, there will be many months of spinning wheels and lost opportunities ahead.

But there is hope

However, to balance the sobering tones of this message, I would invite you to read a recent article I wrote on kicking yourself into gear to start producing content for social media marketing.

If you know me, you will know this means laying down a foundation of blogging.

But if I know human nature, I know it is easier to say than do.

The answer? Stretch yourself a littel but make sure you start blogging for your business.

The key message in the article is:

While desire might be the mother of invention, blogging is the mother of connections!

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