Need blogging inspiration? Ask your priest

Priests can give blogging tips (Photo: izzymunchted via Flickr)I had a divine revelation on the way to work this week.

The traffic stopped me outside a church temporarily and as I glanced at the sign out the front I read:

‘Is Jesus the only way to Heaven? Sunday, 6pm’

A light went on for me.

Sermons, when advertised in advance this way, are like blogs.

And that means that if you’re having trouble getting started blogging for your business or keep up with the demands of content creation, then a chat with a priest might be the first step to marketing salvation.

What blogs and sermons have in common

The anatomy of blogs and sermons is identical.

You start with a good title and use it to grab attention from your audience and give you focus while you write.

Then you thread a number of points together with commentary and insight.

Finally, you publish or perform your work in the hope that it is helpful and sparks conversation and thought.

After publication you then turn your attention to answering questions while planning your next topic.

Why priests ‘blog’ better than business people

Priests are better at ‘blogging’ or churning out sermons for two reasons

they have to and have a whole congregation of people expecting them to turn up with something to say

they cheat

Well, ‘cheat’ is a little harsh and provocative. What I really mean is they plan.

You see, the bible is the source of base material for sermons and most established churches follow a planned order of working their way through the good book, week by week, over a three year cycle. Then they start again.

This simple device means priests have a set text that everyone is expecting them to reflect upon each week.

Can you imagine how much pressure it TAKES OFF you as a writer to have your theme or topic planned in advance?

Guess what? In business, we can create the same system.

We might not have a set text to work through but we can plan out some blog titles in advance by working through the core areas of our business and brainstorming dozens of different questions our target customers might have for each of those areas of our business.

In fact, I had a client last week who has eight different service offerings. I suggested he map out a roster of one topic from one service area week by week. That means he returns to the same topic every couple of months BUT with a different question or angle. For example, if the service was espresso coffee at a cafe in Katherine, one week he could write a blog entitled ‘Where can I find a good coffee in Katherine?’ and eight weeks later he could return with a different take on it, namely, ‘Espresso coffee menu at XYZ Cafe in Katherine’. In both examples he would be using good keywords helpful to visitors travelling through, but both covered different angles.

That simple discipline of planning in advance can be an enjoyable task if done in communion with a superb bottle of wine and good company. Then, as you blog weekly (as suggested earlier in The RITE Series) you will always feel like you have a head start, almost as if your blogging life was blessed!

What tricks or rituals do you use to maintain your blogging routine?

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