Northern Territory Indigenous Tours is a logical choice: It’s elementary, dear Watson

tess-and-sherlockI had a weird moment sitting with Tess Atie from NT Indigenous Tours in Darwin last week.

As she started talking about some of the experiences she gives her clients on tours in outback Australia, my jaw dropped because what she shared was exactly in line with what I was planning to blog about on my Baker Marketing Blog this week.

So, at the risk of repeating myself, I thought I was share a link to this weeks Baker Marketing blog here on The RITE Series.

The article in question is entitled, It’s elementary: The Sherlock Holmes approach to marketing your business.

What Tess was sharing with me was the moment when she stops her clients and points out the rich bounty of food they have just been trampling through, unaware.

So, too, the Sherlock Holmes mindset is one of trained awareness of how to view the world with a certain end in mind.

The point of the article I am sharing is that this gives us an insight into the essence of content we can create for our businesses.

I hope you find it helpful.

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