Please don’t be THAT guy on social media – and I don’t mean the Chief Minister!

Twit Cleaner

Twit Cleaner report summary for @theriteseries

Brett Walker, who runs the @DarwinorthOZ Twitter account, shared a non-Top End link last night that caught my eye, it read:

Good post ~ Please don’t be that guy: some advice for using social media

It contained a link to an article by Anne Chaconas, entitled, Please: Don’t be “that guy.”

In short, the article was a call for being ‘social’ in social media, a common theme throughout The RITE Series and a core part of my Two Commandments of Social Media Marketing.

What prompted Anne to write the piece was a rogue member in one of her social networks, a writer who shared some of the following atrocious tweets.

Anne’s piece also prompted me to run a tool that checks people in your Twitter account to see who should be deleted. That’s where the Chief Minister account comes into it.

Me, myself, I leads to goodbye

Anne’s rogue spammer was a fellow writer who basically contributed nothing to the social network he was part of except for tweets like these:

  • “The cover of my book is truly spectacular–and the content is even better!” 12:45pm
  • “My background qualifies me as an expert in my field, which is why my book has positively affected so many people.” 1.13pm
  • “Check out this 5-star review on my book.” 1:30pm.
  • “Have you purchased my book?” 1:52pm.
  • “This book will change your life.” 2:17pm. Including link to his book’s Amazon page.

I truly hope you do not see yourself in those tweets.

Anne’s important warning is to remember people join social networks to connect with each other, build community and gain access to people with shared interests. She reminds us to also ‘shut up and listen’ to others so that we might interact more meaningfully.

Twit Cleaner

I was prompted to review my Twitter habits on the weekend. Firstly, Anne’s post made me check the mirror. And then Alain de Botton, during his interview on One Plus One, commented that simply being noisy in social media and seeking fame for its own sake is a sign of brokenness, whereas seeking to be genuine and giving in your social interactions can actually lead to fame as a result of the value you bring to others’ lives.

To aid my review, I used a free service called Twit Cleaner, which I recommend, with caution.

Twit Cleaner analyses the Twitter output of Twits you are following to determine the ratio between content they create and:

  • how many times their tweets include links
  • how many times their tweets have been generated automatically or used an RSS feed
  • how many times their tweets include others – a sign of engagement
  • how many times their tweets include advertising or spam
  • how long it has been between tweets

The results make for fascinating reading and I was relieved my personal account, @stevedavis, got a clean bill of health. However, my @theriteseries account got a little talking to, primarily because I don’t use it enough for conversation and tend to use it as a broadcast medium for The RITE Series blog, as the source of The RITE Series Daily, and to connect directly with people who have questions about The RITE Series.

Even more interesting was the list of ‘potentially dodgy’ Twitter accounts that Twit Clean had found I was following was led by the Chief Minister himself, Paul Henderson.

I was shocked.

I have never met ‘Hendo’ personally but thought he did a great job of making the Northern Territory look good to the rest of Australia when Q and A was filmed in Darwin duing my October visit.

As it turns out, the account in question was Paul’s old account, @chiefministernt, while his current account, @NTChiefMinister, passed the test. So, that was a relief.

However, Twit Cleaner said I should ditch @Hot100Darwin because the account was 80 percent links and not used for almost two years. A similarly brutal report was meted out to 8HA in Alice Springs. Twit Cleaner dubbed @yourstation8HA as a ‘snob’ because it followed back less than 10 percent of those who followed it. However it was almost two years without content as well. It appears to me that the two stations have simply stopped using Twitter, worth noting as you work your way through your report.

Surprisingly, the quite active @skycitydarwin was placed in the list to ‘drop’ because Twit Cleaner says it partakes in ‘no interaction at all’.

What we learn from tools like Twit Cleaner is that fellow social media users will value your presence if you ‘tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you’, as it were. This means making sure your value others in the social space, by listening and responding to them, sharing good things they have published, in balance with your own raw material.

One word of caution about Twit Cleaner, and any tool that uses and algorithm to quickly calculate and ‘judge’ human interaction, review the Twitter accounts it suggests you delete first. It may well be that the Twitter account that is ‘mainly links’ might just happen to be sharing links you really care about. Even Twit Cleaner suggests you exercise caution.

Why don’t you run the test and click on the tab called, How Do I Look? I have found it to be a most worthwhile exercise and I hope it prompts me to making @theriteseries more worthwhile for you in the future.

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