Real artists ship: In memory of Steve Jobs

One of the most useful phrases I have ever read was in Seth Godin’s book, Linchpins.

He tells the story of Steve Jobs at the time that Apple was getting close to launching one of its computers.

Everyone was working around the clock to get it to launch and some engineers wanted to keep delaying to make improvements.

According to the story, Steve Jobs said, “Real artists ship”.

Godin interprets this as a call to action, to having the courage of getting your ideas and your work ‘out there’ in the market place.

It has stuck with me and always reverberates around my head whenever I am tempted to review a blog entry (again) or go back over my presentation (again).

As Godin argues in the book, this saying calls the bluff of our fear that people will ridicule what we present, that it won’t be perfect.

While it is NOT a call to producing junk, it is a life-embracing challenge to getting your ideas and products out in the open where they can inspire and help others, spark new ideas and keep the human adventure of new discovery and experimentation alive.

What project or dream or innovation have you been sitting on? Is it time to push it out the door?


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