2014 Brolga Awards: The best little Bed and Breakfast in Darwin

The Northern Territory is hot. And I’m not referring to the upcoming stickiness of the Wet Season, I’m talking about the growing numbers of ‘switched on’ tourist operators who are making a journey to the Northern Territory memorable and dripping with ‘wow factor’. Last weekend’s Brolga Awards were the 28th anniversary of the night at […]

The final series of free Darwin Digital Enterprise workshops is upon us

Many people who wander about proclaiming ‘end times’ eventually end up having to move the date further into the future, time and time again. However, if you are in business or involved in an organisation in Darwin, the end is more than nigh, it is right upon us for accessing a full day of showcasing […]

A Top End take on Australia’s ecommerce credentials: We need to get social

Somewhere in these statistics, there is an opportunity. More than half of all Australians are ‘digital buyers’ but online retail is only accounting for 6 percent of all retail sales including bricks and mortar sales. Over on the Darwin Digital website, I’ve taken a look at a report from The Conversation, Australian retailers online: late to the […]

Teach a man to shoot: My first shooting lesson at Arnhem Gun Club Nhulunbuy

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life. That age old saying was echoing in my head as I experienced my first ever shooting lesson with Sam Walker from the Arnhem Gun Club, pictured left. In the city, most of us immediately […]

Aqua Kids Swim School, Nhulunbuy: Making a splash on YouTube

Have you ever had to explain to a mum that your have video of her daughter in a bikini that you plan to show to almost a hundred business people? Last night in Nhulunbuy I had to do just that as part of my October Business Month presentation, Lights, YouTube, Blog. The thrust of the […]

The stars of NT October Business Month: The business people of Alice Springs [VIDEO]

Something different at a Steve Davis October Business Month keynote presentation: the audience became the star of the show. Thanks to Tom from Earth Sanctuary, Alice Springs, a group of OBM participants volunteered to be ‘stars’ in the world’s first even Human Astronomy demonstration. Nothing new under the Sun Earth Sanctuary, Alice Springs, offers night […]

A town like Malice: Alice Springs meets Roller Derby

We had some anxious moments at my October Business Month event tonight as the local Roller Derby queens from the Malice Springs League took to the stage. I interviewed Melotov Cocktail while Armedreddon and Carnivorous waited for their chance to pounce. Getting deep within the sport In just a few seconds we were not able […]

Another trip out from Alice Springs, another marketing insight

On a short trip to Simpson’s Gap and Standley Chasm today, I was struck by something relating to ‘familiarity’, and why we find it hard to know what to blog about for our own businesses and organsiations. On the road to these wonders of nature, my ‘local’ commented upon how ‘nice’ but ‘mundane’ the bush […]

Smart phone photography is a crime in Alice Springs region

If I had my way, the sign you see here at Simpson’s Gap, 15 minutes from Alice Springs, would say ‘smart phone photography forbidden’. Don’t get me wrong, I still think your smart phone can be important anywhere (that is what I am in Alice Springs to talk about Tuesday night, October 8, 2013 at […]

Dear Google, Alice Springs is more than escorts, rape and eyesight

What a mixed collection of suggested links Google compiled for me today while researching Alice Springs ahead of my keynote talk and free workshops next week for October Business Month. It was almost like there was a thick dust storm of content choking out the usual array of tourism stories and NT Chamber of Commerce […]