Should the NT News be your blogging guide?

Mutant toad makes front page (Image: NT News)Today’s post is a question.

Throughout The RITE Series, I have been trying to sift through conventional wisdom around the use of Social Media for marketing your business, for angles and insights particularly relevant to Top End business people. I am in the last few weeks of honing those thoughts ahead of my October Business Month Keynote Presentation Web2.0 Technology and your business on October 19.

But today’s Sunday Territorian front page story about a mutant toad, shared on Facebook by Jude McColough, got me wondering about whether or not the, um, quirky cycle of NT News daily headlines is still capturing the spirit of living in the Top End, or whether it has become a caricature of itself.

On one hand, most business people in my NT workshops grimace when the paper is mentioned and the critics on Media Watch always turn to it for a laugh. On the other hand, I believe it is Mr Murdoch’s most resilient pot of gold.

As I guide business people in the use of blogging, I suggest looking at magazines and other popular blogs for ideas about headline writing and structure. In fact, I wrote a blog post on headlines and keywords recently.

But should business bloggers take the NT News lead and produce headlines that alternate between crocs, UFOs, and tragic characters? Do you think there is a hunger for this material within local audiences? Or are those headlines just ‘put up with’ because there is ‘no other paper to buy anyway’?

These are earnest questions and I would love your comments below, or private emails to

If the NT News is actually tapping a rich vein of attention bait with its front page style, then maybe we could experiment with blog headlines like these and see what happens:

  • Large salty stunned by plumber’s wrench (for a plumbing company wanting to draw attention to itself – you could start with: “well it would have been if it tried to approach John Citizen, head plumber with Bellerive Plumbing in Nhulunbuy while working at Gove Golf Club this week”)
  • UFO steals three cars from Kerrys Nissan (could continue with: “well that would be the most likely explanation, given that people claim car sales are slow. In fact ….”)
  • Alice Springs house for sale features underground dungeon (LJ Hooker or similar could use this line to grab attention, followed by: “Or the room could be used as a cellar for keeping wine safe from the extreme temperature fluctuations in Central Australia).

Would these headlines work? Or would they estrange people?

Over to you, either publicly or privately.



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