Should your marketing material be filed in the bin?

Should your marketing material be filed in the bin?This will be the shortest and most direct blog post in The RITE Series because the point I want to make is simple and direct.

It is crucial that we picture, clearly, the person we are writing for before we  create content for

  • an online article or blog
  • a Facebook Page
  • a LinkedIn group
  • a brochure
  • a web page
  • any form of marketing communication!

I am starting to see some blogs created that use keywords that are well targeted but the content itself is shallow and useless.

Nobody wins here.

Users will back out of our sites or bin our brochures in two seconds flat, Facebook users will most like ‘UNlike’ our Pages, and we will experience the cold shoulder of the modern consumer.

And in this process, consumers might well be robbing themselves of a great product or excellent customer service.

A quick test

The simplest test I get my clients to perform is to take a step back from some words or work they have created and ask themselves:

If someone had to pay a dollar to read this piece of content, would they feel like that was a good trade?

If your content won’t pass that simple test, perhaps it would be wise to dig a little deep and share a little more of yourself and your expertise.

As David Meerman Scott says in his book: The new rules of marketing and PR – customers will reward us.

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