Smart phone photography is a crime in Alice Springs region

no-smart-phone-photography Photo Steve DavisIf I had my way, the sign you see here at Simpson’s Gap, 15 minutes from Alice Springs, would say ‘smart phone photography forbidden’.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think your smart phone can be important anywhere (that is what I am in Alice Springs to talk about Tuesday night, October 8, 2013 at my October Business Month keynote).

What caused this grandiose position of mine was my disappointment at being in such a profoundly beautiful place and having ONLY my smart phone with me; my SLR camera was left at home.

There is a time for every device under the sun

When I trod that dirt and experienced Simpson’s Gap first hand, I knew I wanted to capture some rich, textured images.

And despite how sophisticated smart phone cameras and lenses have become, they struggle to match a dedicated, professional outfit for THIS type of photography.

Take a look at this sample, below.

While it looks passable, it totally lacks the depths, the detail, the nuance, the emotion that I’m sure my SLR kit would have let me capture better.

simpsons-gap-smart-phone Photo Steve Davis

But despite my public grizzle, I will still defend the right of every small business and community organisation to use smart phones to capture social media marketing content in places like Simpson’s Gap, the Arafura coastline at Nhulunbuy or Kakadu National Park.

The difference is in the REASON.

When a smart phone is the perfect tool

When our motivation is to capture a message, an insight or a privileged glimpse behind the curtain of your enterprise, experience or entertaining character, I believe a smart phone is your tool of choice.

I base this on a few reasons:

  • Because it is with you at all times, it will always be present when an opportunity arises
  • Most let you switch to the front camera or ‘selfie’ view, meaning you can shoot by yourself if you wish
  • The spontaneous nature of your content will typically convey authenticity to your audience
  • The opportunistic nature of your content will create a sense of forgiveness in your audience should there be any technical hitches
  • If you are happy with your product on the phone you can publish directly to youtube for sharing across social networks

To me, all of the above points mean the world becomes richer for you being able to share some of your insights or entertaining content with us, in a way that would be less likely to have happened if you had to create a script, bring in a film crew, pay for editing, etc.

NOTE: There will always be a time for professional videography for set pieces, but your smart phone enables you to seize opportunities that are too difficult to fabricate

I hope to meet you at my October Business Month events. If not, stay close to this blog and prepare to practice your video skills so you can build the important social media content creation habit.

In the meantime, here is the ‘self-indulgent’ reflection on Simpson’s Gap I shared with my friends after my time there today – all shot in my iPhone’s selfie view and complete with some exposure glitches. It has still sparked some interesting conversations for me.

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