Social media is a pain

iphone-elbowI sometimes hear workshop participants exclaim that social media marketing is a pain and that they’d prefer business to be a simpler enterprise, like the good ol’ days.

As it turns out, they might be right.

Darwin based physiotherapist, Nick Jones, who also has done my social media marketing workshop, has written a blog post around the new condition called ‘iPhone elbow’.

This condition was first cited in journals in 2009 and the increasing use of smart phones since then means Nick is starting to see signs of the condition in the Top End.

So does this mean you have a legitimate reason to forego social media as part of your marketing?

Sorry. It doesn’t.

Whereas once we rose in the morning with the cock, now we get up with an alarm clock (or the alarm setting on our smart phone).

Whereas once we relied on the serendipity of passers-by for our trade, then relied on brainwashing consumers en masse through advertising, now we have tools allowing us to listen and respond to prospective customers from anywhere in the world (including bed, the breakfast table, the bathroom, or while waiting for a meeting to start or waiter to bring our food).

So, while you may enjoy Nick’s article for its tips on how to deal with iPhone elbow, you cannot use it as a ‘get out of social media free’ card.



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