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Alf188188 - Sharing the Northern Territory through Social Media

Alf from Nhulunbuy is doing a lot more for selling the Northern Territory experience via Social Media than many tour operators.

He takes his video camera with him and captures the ‘mundane’.

But it is these simple, short, slice-of-life clips of driving around, or simply being in, the Top End that give viewers an authentic taste of what to expect in the Territory.

Take a look at this one: Coming Back from Cape Arnhem in the Land Cruiser.

Alf 18818


As you can see, a simple video in which ‘nothing happens’ but everything is experienced.

You get a real sense of being there, a sense of what it is like to be on your own out in these pristine parts of our great country.

If I was selling tours in and around these parts, I’d be embedding some of Alf’s videos on a page or pages dedicated to real life snippets of what’s in store for your 4WD tour through the Northern Territory.

I’d also take a leaf from his book and mix up my own video production to ensure that while some had titles and voiceovers, others would be short behind-the-scenes, reflective pieces.

There is a reason marketers like having a product or two given away through the media. The more we see others get one, the more we want one ourselves.

Likewise, this simple, honest work by Alf188188 has the power to swing people contemplating a journey through the Top End into action.

Oh, and have I mentioned that is collection of clips on YouTube has amassed 1.4 million views?

What’s stopping you flipping out your movie camera or phone to add video to your website?

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