Social Media

Social media refers to websites that allow you to upload ‘media’.

This can mean photos, video, links, blog articles, basically anything we consider ‘media’.

The ‘social’ part is important because it stresses that it is media produced by the community, by you, by friends, etc.

However, most ‘professional’ media outlets now publish a lot, if not all, of their content through popular social media sites.

The result of this mix of ‘professional’ and ‘user-generated’ content on sites like YouTube, and Flickr is that millions of people visit these sites daily to share their own material and consume media produced by others.

Here is a sample of social media referencing Darwin and/or NT, most of which has been produced and shared by Top End residents.


This is a photo slideshow on Flickr (a photo sharing website). Just click the white triangle to start the slideshow. NOTE: This is automated and I apologise in advance if any content that appears here offends.

Flickr is just one of many photo sharing sites. Another popular option is Picasa, a service provided by Google and bound to rise in popularity if Google’s new social network, Google+ takes off because the two services are deeply linked and users are offered unlimited storage space (at least for now).

WordPress is a free, blogging service (it also makes its content management system software freely available via to power websites) where you can start writing and publishing articles about your business/organisation, its services, its customers, and the questions that would lead someone to go searching online for the solutions you provide.

It takes only minutes to open an account and start building your “google footprint” by crafting material rich in the keywords that your target markets use when they search online.

There are other service providers in this field with one of most prominent being Blogger, a service offered by Google.


YouTube is a very popular video sharing site and is reportedly the second most popular search engine after its owner, Google.

The reason online video is so popular is that humans have now been conditioned to prefer consuming information and entertainment through video (thanks to television and movies) and devices (mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and computers), when coupled with increasingly affordable and reliable broadband (not everywhere yet, I know, but on its way), make access to streaming video easy and almost-universal.

The following video compilation consists of videos produced by or featuring the people and places of the Northern Territory AND boasting more than 12,000 viewings.