Social Networking is nothing new, sort of

Swap meets: Social Networking (Photo: Australian Swap Meets)Have you ever been to a swap meet?

Swap meets are gatherings where traders bring an array of items (often rather specialist items, discontinued, spare parts, etc) and collectors and enthusiasts swarm around and haggle, barter and turn one person’s trash into treasure.

I see there was a swap meet for revheads in Alice Springs at the inland dragway on July 10.

I also see that the Men’s Shed movement held a swap meet to gather items for men’s sheds in the Top End recently.

Heard an organiser interviewed on the radio and he made a comment that all this talk about ‘social networking’ these days has been going on for decades in the swap meet movement.

He described how you could turn up at a swap meet looking for an ashtray for a certain model of a certain car. If the stallholder doesn’t have what you’re after, with just a few questions they are likely to hopscotch through their ‘networks’ to find a person who can help you.

Imagine if you used social networking to be that brazen and that helpful through your business?

Ironically, Swap Meets Australia uses Facebook to connect its members between swap meets, and The Shed Online uses Twitter for the men’s sheds movement.

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