Social networks and speed

London Olympics - the new logo

A quick response to the shock of the English riots - humour helps us cope (source: Facebook)

There is something about humans that is awe-inspiring. It is the speed at which we adapt and the speed at which we develop coping mechanisms to help us adapt.

Take Facebook, Twitter and the looting riots in London, Liverpool and other parts of England.

In just a few short years of existence, Facebook and Twitter have become such universal communication networks that disparate groups of angry, frustrated beings can seize the opportunity to use them to coordinate their otherwise-chaotic movements.

Likewise, as fast as the tragedy has struck, we can reach within ourselves to use humour to cope, as in the image here.

What puzzles me is that a lot of commentators have written off these people carrying out the public riots as uneducated thugs and opportunists.

Of course, that is a dangerous generalisation, but let’s just assume it is true for a minute.

How can such untrained, disorganised, disparate groups harness the power of social networking so quickly and effectively?

Especially while so many ‘organised’ business owners, people with capital tied up in their operations and livelihoods dependent upon their wise strategy-making, miss or ignore the potential of social networking to promote and enliven their businesses?

Something to ponder this weekend. What are your thoughts?







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