Some Twitter tips for first timers

Twitter Tips (Artwork via rizwanasharaf)A local Tweep (Twitter reference for ‘person’, derived from Tweeple as in people – and the geeks wonder why they’re not taken seriously sometimes *wink*), Bronwyn Clee, has drafted some introductory tips for people wanting to play on Twitter.

It is just the beginning of creating some advice to help swell the ranks of Top End Tweeps.

The first tip cuts to the heart of a core message that I hope has come through The RITE Series:

Be clear about why you want to use Twitter. This may sound silly, however, if you’re not clear about why you want to ‘tweet’ then you probably won’t enjoy it.

From a business perspective, this should be as simple as determining which part of your target market is using Twitter, how/when they use it, what your participation needs to achieve to be worth your while, and what valuable content and/or presence are you capable of creating and maintaining.

Maybe ‘simple’ is a over doing it a bit, but it is certainly not rocket science.

As with all marketing, if you think about your Twitter plan from the perspective of your customer/audience first and then work back, you will be able to make a sound go/no go decision.

We will most likely draw upon Bronwyn’s list in the October Business Month keynote and eBook, in the meantime, you can visit her Twitter tips here.

Care to add any?

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