A Top End take on Australia’s ecommerce credentials: We need to get social

Somewhere in these statistics, there is an opportunity. More than half of all Australians are ‘digital buyers’ but online retail is only accounting for 6 percent of all retail sales including bricks and mortar sales. Over on the Darwin Digital website, I’ve taken a look at a report from The Conversation, Australian retailers online: late to the […]

Your business just became a play thing in Social Media whether you like it or not

Talk about cheeky. First we had Google maps entries appearing for our businesses, whether we wanted them or not. Next we had Foursquare arrive in which any Tom, Dick or Harry could create a listing for YOUR business and start ‘checking in’ and leaving comments about you for others. But now we have Facebook setting […]

What’s stopping you doing Social Media online?

Social Media has been a natural part of life in the Top End since long before the internet. Does that surprise you? ‘Social Media’ simply refers to media produced and shared for social consumption. So that means those long, sometimes dreary, slide show nights with family and friends, qualify as Social Media. It also means […]