Teach a man to shoot: My first shooting lesson at Arnhem Gun Club Nhulunbuy

sam-walker-steve-davis-gunsGive a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life.

That age old saying was echoing in my head as I experienced my first ever shooting lesson with Sam Walker from the Arnhem Gun Club, pictured left.

In the city, most of us immediately equate guns with danger and violence ONLY and forget that their most profound use is capturing food.

Ready, aim, think

It is quite an awe-inspiring experience to have someone like Sam talk you through the use of guns, gun safety, his love of the sport of target shooting with his rifles, and his first hand experiences of shooting and eating rabbits and a buffalo.

Sam was happy to speak about any topic relating to shooting and hunting, even acknowleding that some people adopt vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

However, he argues convincingly that his deep appreciation for the value of food and his disgust at how easily Australians waste 30 per cent of their food, comes from having captured and butchered his own meat.

When you are fully aware that a life has been taken, that a lot of work and care and effort has gone into moving, preparing and storing meat, you never just ‘throw away scraps’.

Shooting and the art of relaxation

But to think my first shooting lesson was ONLY profound and philosophical would be wrong.

It was fun.

And towards the end I did test myself against a small target: my business card. To me, this was a way of testing how good I really am when it comes to ‘target marketing’. Sorry, a dad joke.

Take a look at this video. It is longer form than I usually make, approximately five minutes.

I hope it gives you a taste of what my first shooting lesson was really like.

[youtube id=”RX5nKKDAoNo” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Shooting your own video

You will see that I have put a little music directly from the iMovie app into the beginning and end of the video, just to help move the narrative along.

I allowed the shooting scene to run in real time to give viewers the sense of pace.

iMovie also makes it easy to slow down footage, so I used that when checking how well I shot at the business card.

And a trick. There was actually talking as we checked my business card but our helper accidentally had a thumb over the microphone of the iPhone during shooting so I had to be creative.

As you start experimenting with ‘shooting’ your own video, remember that you can do it again if not happy and that you can edit things into a different sequence.

Now, what will you shoot today?



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