Thai massage hits the spot

Incense marketing model (Image: Vanessa Pike-Russell via Flickr)Most of our businesses could do with some Thai massage inspiration now and then.

I don’t necessarily mean getting a massage but rather learning from Yindee Thai Massage in Mitchell Street, Darwin.

This little parlour is tucked away in a tiny mall and would be very easy for it to be ignored by shoppers and pedestrians nipping through the thoroughfare.

Except for one thing.

Now I have your attention

The smart people behind Yindee Thai Massage light a small incense stick when they are open and place it in a holder outside their door.

This simple device fills their part of the mall with a refreshing scent and prompts you to turn your head to see where it is coming from.

The result: Yindee Thai Massage is now on your radar for when you are next in need of stress relief.

Unfortunately, we don’t have scent at our disposal in online marketing – not yet.

But we can learn from this small business that it is NOT enough to just run a nice little business. We must put energy and creativity into promoting it.

Social media offers us many ‘incense sticks’:

  • Blog articles created to match the questions your prospects go searching for on Google
  • Tweet replies to people expressing the needs you meet with your products or services
  • Targeted Facebook or Google ads
  • Contributions to other blogs or forums
  • Emailing links to relevant pieces of your content to clients or prospects in your database
  • Online media release publication
  • Videos dealing with the specific questions your prospects want answered or demonstrated

What will your ‘incense stick’ be?


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