The ‘Persistence of Need’ for introductory sessions on Social Media Marketing

The persistence of need for social media marketing introductory sessionsOccasionally on this site, I share a link to a blog post I have written in the Marketing Minds blog run by Baker Marketing.

This week’s message was triggered by sniggers and eye-rolling among some social media ‘experts’ when I mentioned that a sizeable chunk of my time is taken up by gently introducing business people to the social marketplace, through Facebook Twitter, Linked In, Google+, blogging, etc.

These poor souls were so advanced in the world of ‘shiny new toys’ that they looked down their noses at the business people I work with.

If you know me, you know how defensive I get of my ‘people’.

It spawned this piece, illustrated by my hacking of Salvador Dali’s, The Persistence of Memory, for I fear these advanced souls are so lost in their world of tech that would be unable to see past the Facebook logo for this amazing dreamscape crafted by the master.

Here is the link: Yes we still need Social Media marketing seminars for newbies

I hope you find it helpful.

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