The stars of NT October Business Month: The business people of Alice Springs [VIDEO]

human-astonomy Photo Steve DavisSomething different at a Steve Davis October Business Month keynote presentation: the audience became the star of the show.

Thanks to Tom from Earth Sanctuary, Alice Springs, a group of OBM participants volunteered to be ‘stars’ in the world’s first even Human Astronomy demonstration.

Nothing new under the Sun

Earth Sanctuary, Alice Springs, offers night time astronomy tours, illuminating the constellations that have remained constant for our navigators for thousands of years.

So, while looking at the stars is ‘nothing new’ and teaching people about constellations is ‘nothing new’ for Tom, using humans as stars for his props WAS new.

Members from the audience become stars as Tom talks us through some facts and stories about the Southern Cross constellation.

Must book an astronomy tour

Something going onto my bucket list is an Astronomy Tour at Earth Sanctuary because I want Tom to navigate me through the stars.

Inspired by his talk, I drove off to a location near the sanctuary after my talk tonight and was astounded by how many stars you can see away from the light pollution of a city.

BUT despite being able to find the Southern Cross easily at home in Adelaide where only a few stars poke through the haze, in the CROWDED Alice sky, I could not locate it.

I’m looking forward to learning more, in the meantime, here is our one-take video.

[youtube id=”bjwgLOGITTg” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

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