The Wisdom of The Wet – Reality Check for Web2.0 Marketing in the Top End

Top End sunset from my Darwin hotel room, Nov 2011

Top End sunset from my Darwin hotel room, Nov 2011

It is two months today since my October Business Month keynotes in Darwin, and I am wondering how many participants have started the social media marketing journey for their Top End businesses?

I think this is where I am meant to say, ‘if only one person has engaged more thoroughly with their market through social tools, I will be satisfied.’ But that would be a lie!

I believe we ALL have the ability to market through online social means (where appropriate for your operation and your audience, of course) but the past few weeks have taught me a lesson that has clung to my waking hours as tightly as wet t-shirts in the old Discovery Nightclub.

And this lesson was reinforced by a comment made by Darwin counsellor, Omanisa Ross, during a Skype chat this morning.

The lesson: Our persistance in producing content for social media marketing will be tried, time and time again, but acknowledging that helps defuse it.

Let me explain.

Stephen Covey and the seven habits

One of my favourite self-help books of all time is Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Not that it helped me become a flourishing example of successful living, far from it, however it does orbit my consciousness and, like an eclipse of the Moon, grabs my attention from time to time and makes me pause to reflect.

In particular, one of the most helpful insights shared in the book is about how we often use the excuse that it is all too hard and there is no point in continuing, no matter how great or small the distraction from our tasks.

Stephen Covey reminds us that with making and working towards goals, we must not think like a tight rope walker (one misstep and all is over) but rather like an international pilot. When a big jumbo departs LA heading to Sydney, did you know it is offically off course more than 90 per cent of the time? The job of the pilot and auto-pilot is to respond to the influence of wind and the elements, and nudge and nurture the plane back onto course throughout the journey.

What the Wet Season teaches us about plans and influences

I asked Omanisa this morning about the weather in Darwin and whether it was richly warm and humid (the sort of conditions that bring my Eskimo-like soul to a grinding halt).

She said it was BUT there was some rain on the way and that would bring relief.

This is when the coid dropped for me.

My confession is that I have been unusually super-swamped by projects over the last four weeks and have only dribbled a few paltry bits and pieces of content onto this blog or through my social media channels, despite my best intentions.

As much as I have always been one for demanding an unrelentless committment to maintaining my social media engagement levels, I have experienced the limits of my capacity just recently. It is humbling and frustrating.

Normally, I would have just punished myself severely (or my client) but Stephen’s reminder about the jet and Omanisa’s reflection on the cyclical nature of things (build up and stressful periods all come and go) have mellowed me a little.

My lesson, this time around

So, without letting any of us off the hook for taking the path of least resistance, my message today is to keep striving with your social media marketing plans BUT if you hit some turbulence or get truly swamped for a few days or weeks, be gentle with yourself.

It will be much better for you, and us (your audience), if you find your reset button, regroup, and then start again. You will be welcomed back into our lives. You might even have a confessional sort of blog to share to help make amends 🙂

Merry Christmas to everyone in business in the Northern Territory. Thanks for being so interested in my thoughts about marketing and Web2.0 tools and the application of these in the Top End. I have met some amazing practitioners, business people and government support people, all of whom share passion for enterprise in the Territory. Here’s to a productive 2012 and a little rain over the next few weeks to help recharge the batteries!

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