Top End business flexes its online video muscles

The October Business Month’s Lights, Camera, Blog keynote and workshops are over and now the local video output is starting to see the light of day.

First cab off the rank is Ultimate Gym and Fitness.

Vania and Phil from Ultimate Gym attended the October Business Month events and have taken their next steps into the world of using online video.

I say ‘next’ steps because they have already used video in the past but came along to the Lights, Camera, Blog workshops to pick up some extra tips.

You will see they are playing with more of a casual feel and a ‘peep behind the curtain’ approach.

Videos by Vania

I particularly like this first video because it is simple and if I were in their target market I would be keen to see what Phil does pre and post workout to help him achieve the muscle development and tone that he does.

I also like the fact that he is ‘matter of fact’ about what he has chosen, rather than come across as a salesperson.

Here is: What pre workout supplements should I take before training?

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The next video is: Take a tour of Ultimate Gym and Fitness, Darwin!

I love Vania’s style here, giving us a warm tour of her facility with a few ‘winks to camera’, especially when she takes us into the ‘ladies only’ area.

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What will you be shooting next?

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