Top End Tuesday: Kerrys Auto Group Facebook

Kerrys Auto, lots to see for car lovers (Photo: Kerrys)

Kerrys Auto, lots to see for car lovers (Photo: Kerrys)

We’re heading back to Facebook for another Top End Tuesday profile and this time it’s Kerrys Auto Group, a Darwin-based dealer for Holden HSV, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, JEEP, and Dodge.

What I’d like to focus on for this profile is the combination of television advertising and Facebook along with some brief analysis of what posts tend to create the greatest amount of engagement.

Some stats

At the time of writing, Kerrys Auto Group’s Facebook page had 929 likes, one is tempted to think they froze the number there for the iconic Mazda model of yesteryear!

One reason why I looked up this page for a profile is because in my countless trips to the Top End, the one car dealer whose TV ads caught my attention has been Kerrys, primarily because they have made such a big deal of following them on Facebook.

That is why it is a little surprising, on one hand, that the page only has 900+ likes compared to a small gift shop like Humidity with no advertising budget that has 5000+. On the other hand, you could argue that you frequent a gift shop more regularly than a car yard for numerous purchases throughout the year, compared with car purchases, which tend to happen at least every few years. Therefore, you feel less inclined to like and engage with a car dealer’s Facebook page.

To make greater sense of the number of likes, one would need to know how many other car yards in town have solid followings, how many potential car buyers are in the area, and then apply the the correct ratio of non-Facebook user to Facebook user in the general population to set a benchmark. Not something I’ve had a chance to do for this blog entry but if you get a chance it would be very interesting to see the numbers.

One related statistic is that the Facebook page where locals can buy, sell and swap cars for free, Darwin Cars, Bikes and Boats For Sale, has already amassed 500+ likes. Quite impressive for a non-commercial venture.


The first thing that struck me when looking at comments on the Kerrys Auto Group Facebook page was the solid mix of males to females.

I am surprised I am surprised, given that automotive marketers have known for a couple of decades that women hold the upper hand in making and/or influencing car sales. I must still hold a library of old stereotypes in my imagination and Kerrys Auto Group is responsible for giving me a dose of reality.

Another thing that struck is the nature of what arouses comments and likes and what doesn’t. It appears that shared video is not stirring engagement for Kerrys Auto Groups’ likers, neither do they comment much on batches of uploaded photos or entries that just look like sales brochures.

What does garner likes and comments are:

  • Comments that give likers a sneak peek into operations: ‘After 1000 AMG being sold in Australia last year and over 500 of them being C63 AMG – It looks like the NEW C63 Coupe “Black” will be one very popular car. We liked it so much i just ordered one ….’
  • Rare offers: RARE OPPORTUNITY……………….. HSV 427 Collectors Car FOR SALE at Kerry HSV today………… Only 1200 klm and no longer built this truly is a one off for any collector. To get detaiils or just come in and admire speak to Craig Robertson our HSV Specialist on 08 89808003 direct. (That is today’s photo, by the way).
  • Special events: Holden Racing Team Signing Night At Kerrys! (With a poster).
  • Direct appeals to click ‘like’: THE proposed NEW HSV CRUZE pictures ……….. we’re trying to convince HSV to move forward with this – PRESS LIKE if you reckon they should

Having offered those examples, it is worth noting that every now and then, some of these items fizz but generally these types of posts get more engagement than others.

If you are looking for a common thread, I think it comes down to an experience that is similar to ‘knowing someone in the game’.

How would you apply these insights to your business on Facebook?


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