What are they saying about you in social circles?

Are you listening? (Photo via Joe Howell, Flickr)Ever wondered what people are saying about you in Social Networks? Or your business? Or your town?

You now have a very useful tools for keeping tabs on conversations in these hard-to-find places.

It is called, Social Mention.

This free services can run a search across Facebook, Twitter, popular blog platforms and other social places on the Net.

Here’s all you do (and a look at what people are saying about Tennant Creek).

How to run a search in Social Mention

At its most basic, simply go to socialmention.com and type in your name or business name and hit ‘search’.

But if there is more than one word in your name or business name then be sure to wrap it in quote marks.

To give the tool a test run, I searched on “Tennant Creek”.

Here are the top results:

  • In tennant creek atm, (bleep) wat a (bleep) hole true. wanna go home now 🙁 – Facebook, Terina Golder
  • Right now we’re at tennant creek on our way to darwin! For the beginning of our tour. – Facebook, Jason Butcher
  • Oh my god, tennant creek………. – Facebook, Jon Haughton
  • Where is Tennant Creek on the map? Play the game at http://www.map-game.com/tennant-creek #Tennant Creek – Twitter, Map_Game (by the way, I played an missed Tennant Creek by 251 miles. 15 others had tried to find it with an average miss of 3,000 miles. The closest person was just 11 miles off target)
  • Mining News: Truscott Mining commences drilling at Hera gold project near Tennant Creek http://goo.gl/fb/PKYvu – Twitter, AusCompany
  • Truscott Mining commences drilling at Hera gold project near Tennant Creek – Proactive Investors Australia – Twitter, AusCompany
  • Truscott Mining commences drilling at Hera gold project near Tennant Creek http://dlvr.it/fRrJd – Twitter, proactive_au
  • NT GOVERNMENT TURNING PROBLEM DRINKERS OFF TAP – Northern Territory Government Newsroom – Bing, NT Govt
  • #VarietyNT Chapter Day 5 Tennant Creek to Katherine 678.7km!! LEGGO – Twitter, Laura King
  • Tennant Creek is such a bloody wonderful place………. I think I want to move there. – Facebook, Joel Schulz
  • Next Week Friday Will Be Going Adelaide River Katherine Bitter Spings Donmarra And Tennant Creek Deuils Marbles Ti-Tree + Alice Spings For (… – Facebook, Shauna Puti
  • Arrived in Alice Springs yesterday about lunch time, not sure about Tennant Creek, a lot of the shops had high fences around them which are … – Facebook, Carole Tate
  • 50 k’s out of Tennant Creek, cleaned up a (bleep) big ass eagle, smashed windscreen up big time! pffew, luckily we were only 500!!! kms from … – Facebook, Leon Sich

As you can see, within a period of about seven hours, Tennant Creek received bouquets and brickbats, along with general news coverage.

What would you make of Tennant Creek if  you had never visited but relied on the social web to inform you? I would say it suggests the town is not a ‘fancy’ town, some rough and ready security measures are in place to keep troublemakers out of shops and properties, it is quite possibly loved by people seeking a taste of a fair dinkum country town out in the bush, mining plays a big role in town and there are some bleeping big eagles in the area that have a penchant for windscreens.

Now, my challenge to you, is to run a search yourself on your business or one you know well, and see how the social impression matches your understanding of reality.

If there is a big gap or an undesirable gap, at least you can chip in to these conversations to right the record, while also seeing where the blind spots are.

Let me know how you go.




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