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Coffee and analytics – a perfect ‘break’ combination

How long has it been since you looked at your website’s analytics data?

There are many things we can learn from taking a few minutes to reflect on most and least popular pages and blog stories, sources of traffic and keywords being used by search engines to connect readers with our websites.

Today’s brief reflection comes from the Google Analytics summary screen for theriteseries.com.au. I always make sure our clients have this inserted automatically into the WordPress sites we build at Baker Marketing.

The snapshot shows me the top five most read pages on The RITE Series for the previous 30 days. They are:

I can immediately see two aspects of my blog writing that are worth harnessing (Darwin Cup reference) for future blogs, namely:

  • Referring to current or socially important events
  • Naming items of specific interest to my target market (you)

Here’s what I mean.

Themes from your traffic

The first is the Darwin Cup.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote on the topic of, well, blog topics.

I selected the Darwin Cup and brainstormed a few angles that local businesses could have used to help their relevant insights get found and read by prospective clients. You can read the article for more background.

What is intriguing is that when I wrote about the Darwin Cup again last week, not only did I get fresh traffic to that story but my earlier story written months previously, started coming up in search again and started getting read by a new audience.

This is why we NEVER delete blog posts and always try to write them with a timeless nature, where possible.

The second insight is quite obvious. By naming Twitter and Facebook directly in my blog titles, I help Google and searchers cut to the chase to find my how-to articles on these subjects, written for Northern Territory-based business owners and marketers.

So, take a peep at your analytics and please share any trends or insights you have found.

PS A new series of social marketing workshops will be resuming in Darwin in September. I will keep you posted.

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